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The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure Download free received today a free update, which required a little update on Origin, but everything did not go as planned. Indeed, the content managers published on Origin have made a little mishandling by spreading! The descriptive text of the next game pack that we all expect, the one with the skeleton! Take your Sims on a mysterious adventure in nature and discover a new culture. Similarly, explore a unique wild landscape, hiding a temple, obstacles in the jungle, accursed relics and treasures. After that, discover the culture and customs of Selvadorada, devour local dishes and learn new hot dance moves. In conclusion, travel to Selvadorada, a new destination where your Sims can befriend locals or buy essential survival gear.

The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure Download


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Travel to new destination

The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure Download free can taste traditional foods, dance to new music, participate in local customs and buy authentic decor. Dress up your Sims in local fashion, whether it’s colorful outfits or jungle resistant outfits! The Sims dress in hiking gear. In conclusion, prepare for danger while walking in the jungle, revealing hidden pools, ancient artifacts and ruins. Beware of natural hazards and obstacles from deadly bees to venomous spiders that will surely keep your Sims on the alert!

Your Sims will be pleasantly surprised by what they will find when they discover a unique temple. Venture into mysterious rooms where the Sims can find priceless relics, great treasures or traps! Ask your Sims to visit the site again to discover new challenges and different treasure or pitfalls. Discover hidden objects when your Sims search for ancient artifacts and mysterious relics. Therefore, the Sims can excavate and scrutinize these precious artifacts at the archeology table! Determining their quality, but watch out for fake!

New clothing options

It would appear that a unique little something you can bring again from your experiences is a jeweled skeleton for assisting around the house! Which is an incredible method to get at the wackier side of The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure Download. However, got house keepers and head servants and so forth to help clean, cook and such! However, those are immovably established in all actuality. The Sims periodically feels like the chance to satisfy unusual and grand dreams inaccessible to us in all actuality. Mystical hirelings considers as a real part of those. It’s not by any means clear how such a character would work it could either be something generally shallow! Self sufficient or more like the robots.

Expedition in the jungle

Awesome delight at the beginning of today that Alex and, we exhibit you an entire trial of the new unit The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure Download. Design by Maxis development, the CAS, the city yet additionally the gameplay, we made for all of you the voyage through. Similarly, this new addon and we give you as a reward our sentiment and our impressions. Note additionally that the life of our most loved sims was regularly put into play! For instance, execution of this test and that infrequently the composition of our articles had been so risky. Upbeat perusing to all! Here at long last this pack we expected and that influenced us to salivate.

Highest jungle tree 

The city is simply glorious and the buy mode offers a genuine substance of occasions that can make genuine rental houses exceptionally valid. In addition, the level of sanctuaries and journeys, the possibility of ​​renewing each part breaks! For instance, the repetitiveness that could settle and offers a specific life expectancy unit. For me, to date it’s the best and intriguing unit of The Sims 4. Could at present discuss it for a considerable length of time. However, my partner from above having just said everything, so can just adjust myself on his sentiment! Truly prescribe this unit which, without a doubt, won’t frustrate you.

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The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure Download

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